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Join Our Journey Towards Health and Wellness: Potential partners with long-term interests in enhancing the well-being of our customers, be they supplement advertisers, raw material suppliers, logistics providers, operators, or wholesalers, we invite you to share your in-depth information. Embark on a lasting alliance with us, cultivating a brighter and healthier future together.

Formal Invitation to Potential Partners for Establishing a Comprehensive and Effective Supply Chain Ecosystem in the Dietary Supplement Industry

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the customer experience and build a reliable, robust supply chain, we are reaching out to potential partners who share our commitment and vision. We understand that our success is deeply intertwined with our partnerships, and we are eager to explore opportunities for collaboration in creating a seamless supply chain.

Given your proven track record in [specific area relevant to the partner], we believe that your expertise could greatly contribute to this endeavor. Whether you are a raw material supplier, manufacturer, logistics provider, marketer, wholesaler, or a professional in the field of healthcare, we value the role you play in the industry and invite you to consider forming a strategic alliance with us.

Our primary objective is to offer superior products that genuinely benefit our customers' health and wellness. We envisage an alliance that not only bolsters the quality and reach of our products but also benefits all partners involved by creating shared value and lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

We warmly invite you to share more detailed information about your operations and how we can potentially align our efforts for a healthier future. We are confident that together, we can revolutionize the dietary supplement market and make a significant difference in the lives of our customers.


  1. Raw Material Suppliers: Crucial for providing high-quality ingredients used in supplement manufacturing.

  2. Manufacturing Partners (Contract Manufacturers, OEMs, ODMs): Handle supplement production from formulation to packaging while maintaining regulatory and quality standards.

  3. Quality Assurance and Testing Laboratories: Conduct testing to ensure supplements' safety, health, and quality.

  4. Regulatory Compliance Consultants: Ensure products and processes comply with relevant regulatory bodies like the FDA.

  5. Logistics and Distribution Partners: Responsible for storing, transporting, and delivering finished products to retailers or consumers.

  6. Marketing and Advertising Agencies: Promote the product to consumers through various platforms and strategies.

  7. Wholesalers and Retailers: Act as points of sale for supplements, directly impacting product sales through presentation and promotion.

  8. Digital and E-commerce Platforms: Essential for reaching a global customer base, handling sales, customer service, and international shipping in the age of online shopping.

  9. Nutritionists and Healthcare Professionals: Endorse the product and offer consumers credible advice on supplement benefits and usage.

  10. Research and Development Institutions: Collaborate for product innovation, improvement, and validation of health benefits.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy for Submitted Materials at

Cost6 respects and acknowledges the importance of the confidentiality of the information and materials provided by its potential partners. This Confidentiality and Privacy Policy outlines our commitment and procedures regarding the handling, storing, and using of any such materials.

  1. Confidentiality: Any information provided by our potential partners will be considered confidential, including, but not limited to, business operations, strategies, product information, financial data, and other proprietary information. We will not disclose this information to any third party without the express consent of the concerned partner unless required by law.

  2. Usage: We will use the confidential information provided solely to evaluate the potential for a collaborative partnership and for no other purpose unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties.

  3. Security Measures: Cost6 has implemented robust security measures to protect your confidential information against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes encryption technologies, secure servers, and controlled access to information.

  4. Retention and Deletion: We will retain the confidential information for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes or as required by law. After this period, we will delete or de-identify the information by applicable laws and regulations.

  5. Access and Correction: If you wish to access, correct, update, or request deletion of your information, you can do so at any time by contacting us.

Please note that by submitting information and materials to Cost6, you agree to the terms of this Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns about this policy. 

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Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide us with the requested information. Your submission will be reviewed meticulously by our team, and we will be in touch shortly to discuss potential opportunities for our collaboration. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us and look forward to exploring the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. Once again, thank you for your valuable contribution. Team

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