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Discusses private labeling of dietary supplements and provides answers to commonly asked questions, including how to choose, customize, and evaluate supplements

  • Custom Formulations
    The minimum product run for custom formulations will depend on the complexity of the product and the resources required to manufacture it (Casplues 150k Tablets 300K Softgels 300K Gummies 500K). A setup fee may be charged for custom formulations to cover the cost of research and development, sourcing of raw materials, and testing. It is helpful to have a basic idea or concept for a custom formulation.
  • Private Label
    labeling is the process of selling products under your own brand name, while a manufacturer produces the products for you. Private labeling allows you to offer unique products without investing in the equipment and expertise required to manufacture them. A professional manufacturer can produce a wide range of products, including supplements, cosmetics, and food items. To get started, you'll need to provide the manufacturer with details about the product you want to sell, including packaging, labeling, and any special requirements. A deposit may be required to begin processing your order, and different forms of payment may be accepted. A professional manufacturer may offer marketing support, including branding, packaging design, and promotional materials. Many manufacturers attend trade shows to showcase their products and network with potential customers. The minimum run of products will depend on the manufacturer's capabilities, but they should be able to provide information on their minimum order/batch size. Manufacturing setup fees may be charged in addition to the prices quoted for your product. A professional manufacturer should have R&D capabilities to help you develop a custom formulation. Some manufacturers may allow you to supply your own materials, but this will depend on the product and the manufacturer's policies. Lead times will vary depending on the complexity of the product and the volume of orders. You can specify a formulation by providing the manufacturer with a detailed recipe or a general idea of what you're looking for. A custom formulation may come with an extra charge, depending on the manufacturer's policies. You can check the status of our production run by contacting the manufacturer directly. If you already have a finished product but no formula, a professional manufacturer can reverse-engineer the product to develop a formula.
  • Graphic Design
    Our professional manufacturer may offer graphic design services to help you create labels and other promotional materials for your product. Costs for creating labels will depend on the complexity of the design and the materials required. The time it takes to design your label will depend on the complexity of the design and the workload of the designer.(24-72 hours After obtaining the design collection form ) Rush graphic design services may be available for an additional fee. Manufacturers may accept different file formats for artwork, including .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpeg, and .png. We may be able to design your labels for you, but this will depend on their capabilities and policies. We may provide labels as part of their services, but this will depend on the product and the manufacturer's policies. Custom package design help may be available, and 3d rendering. You can print labels on your own or have the manufacturer handle printing for you. UPC barcodes may be provided by the manufacturer (Our company), or you can obtain them from a third-party provider.
  • Certifications
    We should be able to provide you with information on their certifications, such as FDA Freesale, cGMP compliance, or organic certifications etc (Product based). We can ensure the quality and safety of their ingredients through testing and quality control measures. We can help you navigate FDA regulations and ensure your product meets compliance standards. We may be able to provide documentation for importing products into other countries. COA's may be provided by the manufacturer to verify the quality and purity of ingredients.
  • International and Domestic Shipping
    What are international FedEx/UPS/USPS/Sea/Air delivery times? FedEx/UPS: 3-5 days; USPS: 7-21 days; Sea: 30-60 days; Air: 5-10 days. What are domestic FedEx/UPS/USPS/DHL/Truck delivery times in the US? FedEx/UPS/DHL: 1-5 days; USPS: 1-7 days; Truck: 1-3 days(300miles),Truck: 5-7 days(>1500miles) What factors may cause delays in international and domestic shipments? Customs, weather, peak season, holidays, and remote areas. How can I track my Dietary Supplement Factory shipment? Use provided tracking number on the carrier's website. Which carriers are best for time-sensitive deliveries? FedEx/UPS Next Day, USPS Priority Express for faster delivery. What to do if my shipment is delayed or lost in transit? Contact the shipping carrier or for assistance. How does peak season or holidays impact shipping times? Expect longer handling and transit times during peak periods or holidays.
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